General Conditions of Sales


General terms:

The sales and supplies to be carried out by FLEXITUB, S.L. will be governed by theses General Conditions of Sales, except for anything expressly otherwise agreed in the corresponding offer or in the acceptance of the order, which constitutes the particular conditions hereof. Therefore no other conditions that haven’t been explicitly accepted by our company will have any value or legal effect.



Our company reserves the right to modify the prices of the list in force at any time without any need for pre-notification. The applicable prices will be those in force at the time the order placed.


Payment terms:

Payment terms will be as agreed between both parties. In the case of unpaid, the expenses and interests caused will be paid by the purchaser.

The unpaid maturity will imply the complete suspension of any service or supply.


Delivery and download

Orders will always be shipped according to full boxes. Any incapacity to effect or deliver for reasons of a strike, breakdown of negotiations, closure of the business, and the consequences thereof will be considered major force and release the supplier from his obligation to serve the goods and the customer cannot make any claim for damages.



Transport will take place from our FLEXITUB, S.L. facilities to the risk and account of the customer. In case the client prepaid the transport charges, he has the right to choose the transport type or company. Any damage or loss must be determined by the receiver of goods, who must provide a survey thereof.


Goods returnal:

The supplier is not obliged to accept any partial or total returnable goods requested by the customer of their wish. If the customer wishes to return, the goods for any specific reason and the supplier accepts it in writing, the following rules must be observed:

  • The claim must be sent in writing, by telephone, fax or email to FLEXITUB, S.L.
  • All returns will be sent once the claim has been accepted. The claim will be accompanied by the remittance with the specifications of the material returned, due either to faulty or erroneous material or correct material for exchange, and the invoice no. and the purchase date of the material. All freight charges paid for the returned material will be carried by the same agency used to receive the goods. All material returned that fails to comply with these requirements will be returned to the sender.
  • All material returned will be replaced unless otherwise agreed upon.

Claims and guarantee:

Any fault or anomaly, including a shortfall in assured quality of the product, must be reported in writing as soon as it detected. Claims for will not be accepted after 15 days from the time the material is received at the destination unless they are faults that would have been impossible to detect during the goods inspection.

The guarantee that will be applied to the products referred to in this catalog and/or price list will be for 5 years.

To all effects, the date on which the guarantee starts will be that of our corresponding invoice. With all products unduly used either due to failure to comply with the current installation rules or falling outside the limits of use, the product will be considered to be off guarantee.


Jurisdiction and applicable Law:

Concerning all lawsuits that might arise within the framework of the contractual relationship between the supplier and the customer, the Courts, and Tribunals of Barcelona will hold all competence. Likewise, it is agreed that the applicable Law bill in Spanish Law.