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FLEXITUB® is a young and dynamic company, founded in 1987 Barcelona. Dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of flexible connectors for water and gas. The company is a pioneer within this sector in Spain.

The national and international development of FLEXITUB, S.L. is based on constant growth, involving the continual expansion of our facilities to incorporate the most sophisticated and updated quality systems. only this way we can be completely sure of the safety of our products in the manufacturing process and that they reach all the regulations, certifications and quality control procedures relevant to our activity.

The award of these certifications is the recognition of the constant effort of the whole team at FLEXITUB, S.L.


Flexitub Water

with the environment

One of the main objectives of FLEXITUB® is environmental awareness, making a style easy sustainable and healthy life as a guarantee of a society with a future. we work day to day towards a circular transition, in which we contemplate the environmental impacts, social and economic that we generate in the society. We focus on preserving resources, minimization of climate change and in avoiding the loss of biodiversity in the world. For this we optimize our processes, designs and energy consumption collaborating thus with an economic growth in which waste and pollution are minimized generated, giving way to innovation and industrial transformation.

Priority is given to the use of applications and raw materials that minimize the impact of its products on the environment.

with the quality

FLEXITUB® has a System of Comprehensive Management that fosters a culture of continuous improvement. In this way we raise our global standards and demonstrate the ability to provide consistent products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable regulations.


Calle Ricardo de la Cierva, 50
Polígono industrial de Sant Esteve 08635 Sant Esteve Sesrovires,