• Made entirely from stainless steel,unique in the market without weld in the fastening of the end fittings by means of the patent system 34688.
  • The circular section is completely protected by 0.5 mm thick, yellow, plastic insulation to prevent corrosion by aggressive liquids and avoid electrical dispersion.
  • 100% extendable. To proceed to the extension of the pipe Flexi-gas will have to use the handle that we give optionally.

Connection to individual, fixed or immobilised, gas appliances that use 1st, 2nd or 3rd family combustible gases at pressures of up to 0.4 bar.

  • H – H 1/2”
  • M – H 1/2”
  • H 1/2”-H 3/4”
  • H 3/4”-H 3/4”
  • M 3/4”-H 3/4”


  • 30至60
  • 50至100
  • 75至150
  • 100至200
  • 125至250